After talks with Senior Officers of the Department of Communities it appears that the funding of the The People Place Busselton may soon be resolved.

 FUNDING CRISIS AVERTED – Resolution Imminent

In discussions with Executives from the Department of Community Services we have received reassurances that they recognised the value of our organisation to the community and have proposed a resolution which would assist us to align our objectives with the new program. The resolution requires The People Place to be more specific regarding some of the gaps in our tender and to develop an action plan to implement those gaps. The discussions were most productive and we have been advised the government has not abandoned the community.”

It is now obvious the government has listened to our concerns and considered the unique situation of Busselton, its growth and demographic needs. Our efforts to ensure Busselton receives funding have been greatly assisted by the work of Vasse, MLA, Libby Mettam in her discussions with the Minister and have helped us arrive at a reconciliation which will meet the Department’s requirements.

We would also like to thank Adel Farina MLC, Diane Evers MLC and our City Leaders, along with the whole community for their support in this matter. It is gratifying to know we have so many community members standing with us on this matter. There is still a way to go, however we are confident we will soon have a final resolution and certainty for the future”

Now our successful programs can continue with more to come.

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Looks like we're here to stay