The Department of Communities and the Minister has abandoned The People Place and the Busselton Community. After June 2020 we will not have a Community Centre and the Minister expects that our population of 40,000 plus will travel to either Bunbury, Manjimup, Bridgetown or Northcliffe for the services we now offer.



The SOC Campaign

The Department of Communities and the Minister have concluded that Busselton with its 40,000 population no longer needs a community centre. This was decided in a so called ‘place based’, competitive tender in which Bunbury, Manjimup, Bridgetown and Northcliffe where all given funding to service the whole of the South West. The reasons for this decision are stunning and they are contained in an assessment by the deciding panel.. We will let you decide if those reasons are credible. We have published, on this website and in the name of transparency, our Tender and their ‘Evaluation Document’. We are sure your opinions will be shaped by the fact that for the services we offer now, you are expected to travel to Bunbury, Manjimup, Bridgetown, or Northcliffe.

The Minister in a recent communication stated that she was, “Confident that those organisations chosen will provide the services required to meet the needs of families and communities within the South West Region.” We believe the Minister is either unaware of the geographic situation of the South West, or she has seriously under valued the largest population in the South West. The 2016 Census showed Busselton had some 3000 more residence than Bunbury who have been granted funding for two centres.

Does the Minister seriously expect our community to travel to these centres for our community needs.. Does the Minister believe that any of these centres are capable of handling our community needs even if we decided to travel?  The sad reality is that after June 2020 The People Place will no longer exist.

You can help change this decision by supporting SOC and help us fight for our community centre


1. Sign the petition which will be placed on these pages as of the 1st February 2019.

2. Help us with a small donation. If everyone gave just $2 we could afford to make a noise the government cannot ignore.

3. Send an email to the Minister, let’s let her know what we think of her abandoning Busselton.

(You’ll find the address for the Minister and a draft letter on the website)
4. Attend our public meetings and discover all the facts – you’ll find them hard to believe


Our successful programs will disappear

New Resident’s Night in the Garden

Creative Art for the Young

Designing a Sustainable Garden

Permaculture to take Home with you.

Let's SOC it to them Busselton

This is a fight the community cannot afford to lose.
You can have an impact.
Tell the government that Busselton is relevant.