The People's Garden Project

The People’s Garden is a project undertaken to develop an education in permaculture for the community and create a garden area for social, ecological, environmental and food source sustainability for Community use, while bringing together people of like minds to network in a spirit of cooperation. We want to create a community asset for all people to utilise.



Getting to know each other

As you might expect, The People Place has a number of services designed to assist community members. It’s not just a building, it’s about people and their interaction. It’s about helping each other and creating a sense of place for all of us to enjoy.

The People Place is where you can discover how our city functions; where to go, who to see when you need help with services, it’s a place were people help people and if we don’t know the answers, we’ll find out for you. We’re the place to go to learn and many of our packages are centered around ideas and concepts, which can help you in the home, in fact anywhere you go in Busselton. We’ve got experts to help give us advise in the kitchen, in the garden and out and about.

We also function as a place to go for your functions and meetings. You can hire rooms at a sensible cost or attend the many functions which the community has to offer such as, the Playgroup or the University of the Third Age. There’s quilting groups, Yoga, Pilates, and much more and its all about the community coming together to have fun and meet new friends.


Get to know... Busselton

Are you a New Arrival?
Call in and receive a welcome pack courtesy of the City of Busselton. Come in and have a coffee with our friendly crew and ask us the questions you need answering about living in our beautiful city. We can help you in many ways and in the comfort of The Rio Room, we’ll chat with you and help you integrate into our community.

What we stand for

The People Place is driven by it’s purpose. Committed and passionate we believe in our community and we are dedicated to creating place where we can achieve our goals. Only by living our purpose can we achieve our objective.

Our objective is to build and maintain the self-sufficiency and resources of the organisation to fulfill our purpose.

Our purposes is to improve and enrich the quality of people’s lives by bringing together diverse groups to share information and activities in a safe environment. To expand people’s knowledge so that the community will prosper and grow and to actively encourage and support the discovery of new possibilities within the community. We wish to provide individuals and groups with the opportunity for self-development and networking.

The People's Garden

The People's Garden is an ambitious program to create a space for our community to enjoy. For the community and by the community.