People helping People

Life for The People Place, began through the formation of The Busselton Family Centre which was established in 1993. At that time Busselton was a country shire and part of the Vasse electorate. The population of Vasse in 1993 was recorded as 22,600 people.

The centre was officially opened in January 1993, to house the Kindergarten of the Busselton Primary School when it was relocated from the central shopping precinct site to Geographe. The Child Health Centre was co-located in the building and the kindergarten was moved onto the school site. The building then housed a 4-year-old program and focused on families and activities for children. Funded by the Dept for Communities the centre supported this service provision to the wider community.

Rich in history and culture

Families would travel from outlying areas such as Scott River in the lower South West combining a weekly business trip with children attending Playgroup or 4 year old’s whilst connecting with family. Today teenagers and mothers come back and reminisce about their days attending activities as children.

Over the years the purpose of the Centre has remained constant. To improve and enrich the quality of people’s lives, in a safe, secure and welcoming facility. Bringing together diverse groups to share information and activities, expanding their knowledge and potential, helping the community to prosper and grow.

Supporting one another

At present the demographic of the regular user groups has expanded to include over 60’s whilst still appealing to families with children aged 0-6years. Many support groups meet at the Centre and are a vital link to health professionals and experts whilst supporting their members to live healthy lives. The average annual population of the Centre is 1600 adults and 480 children.

Today, Busselton as a City has a population in excess of 36,000 people and growing, and we are now an organisation with a new quest – a quest which is more realistic in its ambition to succeed and not merely survive in an ever changing world. It calls for new skills, for new thinking and for the return of a genuine care for each other. To live together and enrich the spirit of community. As custodians, we have the task of guiding The People Place into this new era, a place where we can lead the way and gather the community together to facilitate it’s needs and make life richer for the experience.

What we stand for

The People Place is driven by it’s purpose. Committed and passionate we believe in our community and we are dedicated to creating place where we can achieve our goals. Only by living our purpose can we achieve our objective.

Our Purpose

To improve and enrich the quality of people’s lives by bringing together diverse groups to share information and activities in a safe environment. To expand people’s knowledge so that the community will prosper, grow and actively encourage and support the discovery of new possibilities. We wish to provide individuals and groups with the opportunity of self-development and networking.