Some two years ago, I again fell in love with nature. I cannot say it was an unselfish, unconditional act of romance. It was not! I saw the natural world impacted by our actions and that nature and humanity are co-dependent. We break that bond at our peril.

My friend David Lewis led the way with his thinking on the natural world, and the solutions he suggested were centered around our responsibility to act.

We are heading for the world’s sixth mass extinction. We must admit that we are in trouble, and when you consider the latest degradation in Iceland, it is evident that time is running out.

I purchased the film, ‘The Need to Grow’ because it tells the story of men, women, and children who are leading the fight to save our planet. I urge you to see this film for your children’s sake and for a world that can no longer ignore a coming catastrophe. Why not fall in love with nature again. Once Mother Nature depended on us, now we are at her mercy.